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Our Comprehensive Trademark Search Services

Corporate Research

We research all corporate and other business entity names in all fifty states. The issue of business directories is also troublesome for our corporation. We do a search of business directories to identify other people who may be using your name.

Digital Search

Skilled experts at Affordable Trademark Registration monitor your trademark information and make it available online and through other digital media. Private Internet searches uncover occurrences of your name that are potentially covered by trademarks. In addition, we examine the most popular top-level domains to determine whether your desired name is already in use online.

Global Search

To prove the uniqueness of your brand, we conduct a search for pending and registered trademarks in other countries, with an emphasis on the European Community, and an examination of the domain names published by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

Pricing Plans

Federal & State Search
$ 149
+ USPTO filing fee
  • Trademark Search:
    The federal search provides any similar names, logos, or slogans that are registered or pending with the USPTO
  • State Search:
    The state search does the same for all 50 states
  • Detailed Online Report:
    Identifies any matches with all the information you need to strategize your next step
State & common Law Search
$ 299
+ USPTO filing fee
  • Corporate name search We run a search for all corporate and other business entity names in all 50 states.
  • Corporate Directories We search the corporate directories for listing of others who might be using your name.
  • Common law Proprietary internet searches reveal the use of your name that may be protected by common law trademarks.
  • Domain names We search the most common top level domain names to see if anyone is using your name online.
Global Search
$ 499
+ USPTO filing fee
  • Global Search:
    We search for pending and registered marks in these multi-national jurisdictions
  • Domain Names:
    The European community
  • Domain names:
    World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)

About Us

Affordable Trademark Registration has recruited a team of the best trademark lawyers in the nation in order to provide our customers with the most accurate trademark search results conceivable. Since we started aiding clients more than two decades ago, our customer satisfaction rating has been 100%. With our aid, you may identify whether or not your rivals have submitted USPTO applications for similar trademarks.

  • 40,000+ Trademark Searches

    Over 33,000 Trademark Applications Are Screened for Possible Conflicts.

  • Over 2 Million+ Brands

    Have Saved Time and Money by Ensuring That Their Brand Has Not Been Registered Before.

  • 520000+ Consultations

    Provided by Our Attorneys to Authenticate Trademarks